FAA awards $518 million in round two of Airport Improvement Program

The FAA has awarded $518 million in the second round of its 2022 Airport Improvement Program, giving 416 grants to airports across the United States.

Funding will go towards a variety of projects including the construction of new and improved airport facilities, repairs to runways and taxiways, maintenance of airfield elements like lighting or signage, and purchasing equipment needed to operate and maintain airports.

“In communities of all sizes, airports are vital to local economies, sustaining jobs and getting people and goods where they need to go,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “We’re pleased to announce this important funding to help improve airports around the country and better serve all Americans.”

View an interactive map with all the awards.

Examples of grants include:

  • Heber Springs Municipal Airport (HBZ): $1 million to extend the Runway 6/24 safety area an additional 300 feet. The grant funds the final phase of the project to enhance the safety of operations at the airport.
  • La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE): $765,000 to purchase a new Class 4, 1,500-gallon aircraft rescue fire-fighting vehicle. The replacement vehicle is required to meet FAA safety requirements under 14 CFR part 139.  
  • Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (SPI): $7 million to complete the final phase of its Runway Incursion Mitigation program. The project reconfigures three runways that currently intersect, improves the airfield layout of the associated taxiways, and provides funds for other related infrastructure improvements. This project will help reduce the likelihood of runway incursions at the airport.   
  • Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE): $7.9 million to fund the final construction phase of the airport’s work to rehabilitate 7,600 feet of Runway 6/24 pavement and the existing Runway 6/24 lighting system. The infrastructure has reached the end of its useful life and the work will enhance safe airfield operations during low-visibility conditions.  
  • James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (DAY): $13.4 million to rehabilitate 54,000 square yards, equivalent to more than eight football fields, of the existing terminal apron pavement to maintain its structural integrity. This is the seventh phase of a 10-phase project.  
  • Yellowstone Airport (WYS): $2.6 million to construct a new 36,000 square foot terminal building to accommodate increased passenger demand as well as to meet Transportation Security Administration and Americans with Disabilities Act design standards.   
  • Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV): $5.3 million to install 4,000 feet of drainage improvements to handle stormwater runoff. The project will reconfigure the terminal area water runoff to meet stormwater retention requirements.   
  • Faribault Municipal-Liz Wall Strohfus Field Airport (FBL): $431,680 to rehabilitate runway lighting systems to include upgrading to LED runway and taxiway lighting. The installation of LED lighting and guidance signs will reduce energy consumption and environmental impact compared to standard lighting.   
  • Naples Municipal Airport (APF):  $3.5 million to improve 684,400 square feet of the airport’s existing drainage system to eliminate ponding on airfield surfaces to meet FAA design standards. As recommended by the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan, the project regrades the infield area between Runway 5-23 and Taxiway A and installs culverts for drainage.    
  • Cyril E. King Airport (STT): $12.2 million to rehabilitate 7,000 feet of the existing Taxiway A to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris. The project has a total of five phases. Phase 2 funds the west 3,300 feet of the 7,000-foot taxiway. Future phases will fund the design and construction of the remainder of the taxiway.  
  • Pullman Regional Airport (PUW): $7 million to create more space in the terminal for additional vendors. The terminal will also open up opportunities for cargo, charter, and business aviation. This will generate an estimated 55 to 60 new jobs, post terminal construction.  
  • Lake Charles Regional Airport (LCH): $1 million to fund the construction of an arrivals canopy for the airport’s new 4,424 square-foot terminal. Both the arrival and departure canopies are part of the final phase of a four-phase project that will increase passenger throughput at the airport.

The FAA has awarded a total of $1.1 billion of the $3.2 billion total funding available in the Fiscal Year 2022.

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